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In The Beginning

So I have decided to start writing a blog about my journey to make my painty mark on the world... I hope you enjoy it!

Let start with a little background. I have always been artistic, drawing is the first thing I remember. I went through school, college and university all pursuing the idea that I wanted to be an artist when I left. Getting good grades helped with this, receiving an A in art, a C in textiles and Ds Es in everything else at school. I was unknowingly dyslexic. (apologies if I am not the best writer.. it is something I have been working on since I found out in college) I was terrible at all other subjects because I simply didn't understand or take in the information in the way I was being taught. Schools, primary and secondary would not test me as I had good hand writing, because I copied my friend, it also cost too much money. I honestly felt stupid and totally lost interest in every subject except the creative ones that I could achieve in. I chose an all art course at college and this was a great time for me, they tested me and I was dyslexic. I was so happy which sounds ridiculous but I was not stupid it was fixable I could work on it and achieve with the right teaching techniques. I went on the write an 8000 word thesis for my degree and received an overall grade of a 2:1, this was something that if I had told my younger self she would have laughed and told me I was too stupid to be able to do this. I find this very sad when I look back on it, if it wasn't for my parents and art teachers constantly reiterating to me that art was what I needed to pursue I may be in a completely different place in every sense of my life. The support I received has made me the artist I am today and helped me gain the confidence to do all the amazing things I have done this year.

This is the foundation of me being an artist today, something beautiful has come from a very negative, stressful situation. I think this is a good way of looking at life, everything happens for a reason it may not feel fair but it could be leading you to something more, something that ultimately makes you who you are.

I hope you enjoyed this first instalment, I am excited to share more soon!